Honourable Mentions

In addition to the three winners, the following businesses were awarded “Honorable Mentions” in the 2013 ESCAP-Sasakawa Award for Disability-Inclusive Business in Asia and the Pacific.


Capgemini, India

A pioneer in the IT industry, Capgemini has over 45 years of global expertise collaborating with leading corporations and now brings consulting, technology and outsourcing experience to India.

Capgemini is committed to equality of opportunity and dignity at work for all, “irrespective of caste, religion, race, colour, creed, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexuality, disability, class or age”. This human-centered approach, which provides equal opportunity to all, is essential to Capgemini’s success. With this deeply set belief, the inclusion programme in India was started to provide a nondiscriminatory environment to persons with disabilities through the entire employee life cycle.


Genashtim Innovative Learning, Singapore

Genashtim Innovative Learning provides on-line learning services for executive education and language proficiency, and additional services such as remote PC support and remote surveillance center. They operate in more than six countries with clients including prominent multinational companies like ABB, McDonalds, and Regent Hotels, and prestigious academic institutions.

Genashtim has built business and work processes that allow persons with different disabilities to complement each other to deliver world class services at very competitive prices. It currently counts 80 per cent of their permanent staff and 20 per cent of their hourly-paid staff as persons with disabilities. More significantly, most of their clients are not even aware that Genashtim hire persons with disabilities — they are clients purely because Genashtim delivers a good service at a competitive price.


Organization for Rehabilitation of the Blind in Trichy (ORBIT), India

Since 1976, ORBIT has been the only company in India that runs engineering workshops for the blind in Trichy and Ranipet in the state of Tamil Nadu, enabling ORBIT to prove to society that even the blind can do engineering work.

Of its present workforce, 80 per cent are visually challenged, 10 per cent are physically challenged and only 10 per cent are without disabilities and work in office management. In this way, ORBIT has enhanced the status of persons with disabilities and given them an opportunity to support their family members.


Systema 5, Russian Federation

System 5 operates under the DKC trade mark to be one of the key producers of metal wiring goods (e.g. trays, enclosures, accessories) in the Russian Federation. The company attributes the hiring of persons with disabilities with overall increases in labor productivity where their high standard of work is a motivational force for other employees.

Persons with disabilities are actively engaged in all corporate events and the company has ensured that all regulations and personnel policies are tailored to ensure they are barrier-free. Over the past five years, Systema 5 has employed 16 people with disabilities and disperses any associated tax savings they receive for their hiring policies directly back to their staff with disabilities in recognition of their value to the company.


Yum Restaurants International, Thailand

Yum! Restaurants International (Thailand) owns, manages, and awards franchise licenses to the KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant chains in Thailand. Yum! Thailand has over 500 restaurants in 74 provinces across Thailand. The ‘We Hear Every Dream’ is a project at KFC, with an aim to provide equal opportunities to persons with disabilities, which started at KFC Times Square outlet in 2012.

With a firm belief that a life that’s not “complete” doesn’t mean a life deprived, KFC are confident that those who are deaf to the outside world are better able to hear their hearts’ desires, and have the inspiration to pursue their dreams. The hearing-impaired staff are extensively trained on how to take orders and understand customer preferences. The ‘We Hear Every Dream’ project is giving the hearing-impaired opportunities to do jobs for helping themselves and their families to better their lives, whilst also strengthening business ties with customers and suppliers who are more than willing to support innovative and inclusive products and services.