Special Recognition for Achievement Under Challenging Circumstances

The following organization was awarded a special mention for achievement under challenging circumstances in the 2013 UN ESCAP-Sasakawa Award for Disability- Inclusive Business in Asia and the Pacific.


Golden Taj Ball Company, Afghanistan

Golden Taj Ball Company (GTBC) is based in Kabul and produces sports equipment, namely footballs and volleyballs. The work process involves workers who are mainly poor women, especially women heads of household in remote areas of Afghanistan, who either have disability themselves or one or more of their family members have a disability. An accessible workplace, combined with the skills and application of persons with disabilities, has enabled the company to develop a wide range of products that increases each year.

The company currently employs 649 people as skilled and unskilled workers, with 68 per cent of employees representing those families headed by a person with a disability or with one or more family members having a disability. The production process for ball making only requires the use of two hands to stitch a ball. Those who have lost one or both legs can therefore work and be provided with a regular income.