Disability-Inclusive Entrepreneurial Business of The Year

Trash to Cash

Representative: Ms. Madhumita Puri, Chief Executive Officer
Website: www.trashtocashindia.com


About Trash to Cash

Trash To cash - Disability-Inclusive Entrepreneurial Business of The Year

Established in 2008, Trash to Cash transforms trash into consumer products. Its core business is to recycle temple flowers into colored powders, thus reducing pollution in rivers where the flowers are traditionally disposed. It also converts surplus and waste material from factories, offices and homes into market-worthy products. The majority of this work is performed by persons with disabilities.


Disability-Inclusive Initiative

Since its establishment in 2008, the Trash to Cash business model has been built on the ability perspective, viewing the strengths brought in by persons with disabilities as its greatest resource.

As a result, 65 per cent of Trash to Cash workforce consists of persons with disabilities. Another 30 per cent are persons who were living in poverty or who had received little or no education.

Since its establishment, Trash to Cash recognized a unique business opportunity. Its core values are to provide employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and contribute to environmental sustainability.

This business model is not only profitable; it is also sustainable, as demonstrated by the business’ survival and growth in the years since its establishment. As part of the Award, Trash to Cash will receive a grant of between USD 50,000–100,000 to scale up its business model in 10 other cities in India.